Bay Minette Elementary

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The “Wee Can Fight Obesity” program was a big success at Bay Minette Elementary School. It is an amazing program, and the students enjoyed it . The students had fun while they exercised. The program is designed to get the students moving and it works.

It was impressive to watch the students participate in the activity, and especially those students who are sometimes not easily motivated to participate in physical activity. The motion-based program builds in a competitive component that motivates the students to keep pushing well past where they might on their own.

The program reaches out to them in a fun way. Some students do not set participation in physical activity as a high priority, but these students enjoyed their participation with this program. The program was exciting to all the students and they exercised hard without realizing how much effort they had put into the activity.

…they exercised hard without realizing how much effort they had put into the activity.

The “Wee Can Fight Obesity” program has been a positive experience for our students at Bay Minette Elementary School. The program is an outstanding program for students in the elementary schools, because it creates excitement about exercise. It is an outstanding way to promote the importunce of physical activity in a way students enjoy.

The program promotes health, physical activity, and awareness of obesity risks.


T. Scott Langham, Principal

Bay Minette Elementary School

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