Huxford Elementary

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We just wanted to thank you again for allowing Huxford Elementary School the opportunity to participate in the “Wee Fit” Program. Our students, parents and faculty all enjoyed the Wii equipment. When we first received the Wll equipment, we had parents and faculty members asking to try it out. This encouraged our students and made it a special activity for students. Of course, we all danced and played with them some, too.

In addition to our students, faculty and parents enjoying the Wii equipment, It provided a healthy activity for our students that contributed to overall fitness. We plan to continue the “Wee Fit” Program and expand it to all our students in the new school year. As educators, we want our students not only to develop academically, but socially, physically and mentally. We saw and believe the program will benefit our students in all these areas. Healthy children learn best!

We saw and believe the program will benefit our students in all these areas. Healthy children learn best!

Also, I wanted to thank you for allowing Coach White, Tucker Spence, the Spence family and I to attend the Wii competition and Alabama Sports Festival Celebration in Birmingham, Alabama on June 24, 2011. We all truly enjoyed the entire day and believe that it provided a special experience, which will be long remembered, for Tucker, his younger sister, Tanna, and the other thousands of children that attended. I encourage you and the Alabama Sports Festival to keep up the good work and continue to touch the lives of as many children as you can throughout Alabama.

Again, we thank you for everything and look forward to producing life winners at Huxford Elementary School.

With kindest regards

Donna L. Silcox, Principal

Huxford Elementary

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