Halcyon Elementary


Halcyon Elementary is very grateful to the Alabama Sports Festival Foundation for allowing us to take part in the WEE CAN FIGHT OBESITY Program.  Our students absolutely LOVE it!  We have even had a few first graders cry when it was not their day to “play” the WII.  One of the exciting things about us  participating in the program, is that our students are having so much fun playing they don’t even realize they are exercising. 

Our students absolutely LOVE it!

It is such a refreshing thing to hear the students talk about how fast their heart is beating after a class on the WII and see the smiles on their faces as they say it!  Our goal as physical educators is to try to find some activity that EVERY child in our class will enjoy and desire to be active for life.  The WII has opened up a new and exciting area for our students.


Thank you again,

Audrey Gillis and Anne Owen

Physical Education

Halcyon Elementary


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