Wii video games come to Cloverdale Elementary

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Alabama rank’s to be one of the most obese states in the country. One school is fighting that.

Cloverdale Elementary school was one of two schools in the county to receive a grant for a Wii gaming system.

It is part of the “Wee Can Fight Obesity” program. The video game gets kids moving in the help to fight obesity, and they all seem to enjoy it!

“I like the Wii because you can get your energy out. And you can just stay inside and get energy, without going outside and getting energy,” said Mariah Johnson.

“Some people don’t have the Wii in second grade, but we are still just doing our best at having fun together,” said Lamarion Durr

“They like this and I am sure that they prefer to do this rather than in the heat of the day. I actually did it in there and it is a big exercise,” Alabama Representative Paul Lee (R-86th dist.).

There are 243 schools in the state using this program.

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