Students Get Fit Using Video Games

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Moving, grooving and shaking that’s the theme of “Wee Can Fight Obesity.” It’s a program that combines technology with exercise, better known as “exer-gaming.” Now thanks to State Representative Paul Lee and the Alabama Sports Foundation, Cloverdale students have the fitness program in their school.

The kids didn’t miss a beat and even tried to thank Representative Lee by teaching him a few moves. Lee admitted it was a tough exercise and he thinks this will be a perfect activity for kids on rainy and cold days. “I actually tried it out in there and it’s a big exercise and a good time, especially for a fifty-plus year old. I can see how they stay in shape using this,” continued Lee.

Second grader, Mariah Johnson said this will be her new favorite thing to do in PE.”I love when we get to play the Wii. It helps us pump our blood and get that hyper energy out and have fun and dance, I’m really good at dancing.”

The Alabama Sports Foundation has invested more than $800,000 in schools across the state to help fight obesity. Cloverdale is one of 243 Alabama schools to receive this program for free.

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