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This area is specifically designed to help you the teacher use the Wee Can Fight Obesity program in your school. Here you will find many helpful support pages ranging from setting up the equipment to setting up your curriculum. Just remember, if you ever need any assistance, please contact us.


All of my special needs students love using the Wii.  Their favorite game to play is the Just Dance games. They use the controllers better than I do.   They are always asking if we are going to play the Wii on Wii Wednesdays and on Choice Day Friday.  It has given them something in PE that they are familiar with and completely enjoy.

~ Kerrie Pepper, Blue Springs Elementary


The Wii has been a tremendous help in motivating our special needs population to get moving! We use the Wii dance on a regular basis with our Adaptive Physical Education class. They love to mimic the animation and get a great workout without realizing it. We have several students who are mainstreamed with the regular education students. Our special needs students ‘Shine’ when it is time to do the Wii. They know what to do and willingly participate to the cheers of their peers! The Wii has become an integral part of our adaptive physical education program!

~ Leslie Thorn, Forest Hills Elementary