Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions concerning the Wee Can Fight Obesity program. If you still have questions after visiting here, don’t hesitate to contact us.


What is the Wee Can Fight Obesity program?

The Wee Can Fight Obesity program is a unique electronic, animated exercise program designed for Physical Education classes to promote health, physical activity, and educational awareness. Its primary objective is to instill healthy lifestyle habits that will hopefully last a lifetime, significantly reduce obesity risk factors and enhance interest in personal health, movement related activities and sports.

How can I apply for the program?

For more information about applying for the Wee Can Fight Obesity program, contact us.

Why exergaming?

“Exergaming” – blends modern technology with health and fitness.  In the past, entertainment technology has been a distraction during study and educational development.  Exergaming uses entertainment technology to promote positive academics and physical health. What was a distraction before is now an effective tool for the future of health and academics.

Will it interfere with regular physical education curricular?

No. It’s a resource and a tool.

Are other states using this program?

Yes, many states are using exergaming systems and integrating them into instructional practices.

Is the equipment expensive?

No. The equipment is free to all qualifying schools participating in the program.

Is is safe for my child to participate in wii fit activities?

Yes, because it based on the same principles of movement concepts that physical educators include in their teaching programs on a daily basis.