Teacher Workshop – 12/12/12

On December 12, 2012, Fairfax Elementary hosted a workshop for Physical Education teachers representing the schools chosen in the east half region of the state to participate in the Wee Can Fight Obesity program.

Derek Gilyard, the ASF Foundation’s Physical Education Advisor for the East Region hosted the workshop.  Teachers in attendance were provided a tutorial on the program and how to set-up the equipment.  At the conclusion of the workshop, each teacher received the Wee Can Fight Obesity equipment that was donated to their schools on behalf of the Wee Can Fight Obesity Partners.

Schools in Attendance:

  • B.H. Shawmut Elementary – PE Teacher Amelia Yates
  • Dixie Elementary – PE Teacher Becky Knight
  • Fairfax Elementary – PE Teacher Jerome Sanders
  • Pleasant Grove Elementary – PE Teacher Tim Perkins
  • Stephens Elementary – PE Teacher Gary Graveman
  • Tenth Street Elementary – PE Teacher Brian McRae

Fairfax students demonstrate the program to teachers in attendance.

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