Teachers Workshop 12/13/12

On December 13, 2012, National Guard Armory in Selma hosted a workshop for Physical Education teachers representing the schools chosen in the west half region of the state to participate in the Wee Can Fight Obesity program.

Jeni Saylors, the ASF Foundation’s Physical Education Advisor for the West Region hosted the workshop.  Teachers in attendance were provided a tutorial on the program and how to set-up the equipment.  At the conclusion of the workshop, each teacher received the Wee Can Fight Obesity equipment that was donated to their schools on behalf of the Wee Can Fight Obesity Partners.

Schools in Attendance:

  • ABC Elementary – PE Teacher Gary Mingo
  • A.L. Johnson Elementary – PE Teacher Mose Jones
  • Aliceville Elementary – PE Teacher Melva Haley
  • Brent Elementary School – PE Teacher Jill Chambers
  • Brown Elementary – PE Teacher Alisha Clark
  • Buhl Elementary – PE Teacher Taylor Brown
  • Carbon Hill Elementary – PE Teacher Heath Carmichael
  • Clanton Intermediate School – PE Teacher Josey Shannon
  • J.E. Hobbs – PE Teacher Leslie McNeece
  • Livingston Junior High – PE Teachers Eric Hendricks and Scottie Jones
  • Lupton Elementary – PE Teacher Brad Duncan
  • Marengo High School – PE Teacher Dredrick Bell
  • Randolph Elementary – PE Teacher Jill McMillan
  • South Lamar School – PE Teacher Cathy Murphy
  • Uniontown Elementary  -PE Teachers Kamika Bell and JustinWright
  • Woodstock Elementary – PE Teacher Steve Lightsey

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